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Celebrate Your Beautiful, Ordinary Days

Do you ever have a moment, say the kids are chasing each other around the island while you’re cooking pancakes for brunch, your favorite song starts playing on Pandora and before you know it all of you are holding hands and dancing together in the middle of the kitchen? Or do you ever catch yourself looking down at the little ones running ahead of you as you walk toward the playground and think, “Wow, I’m pretty lucky to be a mommy.” Our hearts are so full,  and as moms we sometimes wish we could freeze life for a little so we could enjoy it longer. (Packing away newborn sized sleepers will do that to you for sure!)

We celebrate the big moments in life which is important, but I believe the daily routine of our lives deserves to be noticed. 

It is in the context of our daily living that we learn about the world and the people we love. It is where we establish life long bonds with our family, and where we grow in strength and honor. Everyday life can be messy, and I want to show people that in the midst of that chaos there is also so much beauty and joy. I want to show you what is really awesome about your family.

I love to photograph families interacting in their homes and favorite places where I can show the whole family working and playing together. In most families moms are the ones who remember  to take pictures of all the good times.While that is great, it’s also sad that our pictures are so often missing one person–mom. When I see moms guiding her children through the zoo or multi-tasking at Target, I really wish I could take pictures of them to show them how beatiful they are doing the things that have become so routine they don’t seem monumental. I want moms to see how hard they work and how much love they show every day and how beautiful they are when they care for their family. I want them to see the beauty in their everyday life both in their motherhood and in themselves.


$650 Slice of Life

I will spend three hours with your family documenting your life.  A Saturday morning session might include the kids getting dressed, brunch, and playtime. Does your family love eating breakfast at the Flying Biscuit? We could photograph a breakfast out and a trip to the grocery store or park. This session includes and 8×8 album and 20 digital images. All sessions include extended galleries with more images available for purchase.

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$200 Fresh 48:

I will come to your baby’s hospital or place of birth within the first 48 hours of life to photograph your newborn when he is brand new. This session lasts 45 minutes and includes pictures with mom and dad and sweet details of baby. It can also include meeting siblings and grandparents. Includes 10 digital images.  No travel cost for places of birth in metro Atlanta and locations Inside the Perimeter.
Newborn Photography in HospitalPINIMAGE


$2,000 Day in the Life:

This storytelling session spans from the beginning of your day until bedtime, up to 12 hours. Includes a 10×10 album and 50 digital images. You will also be shown an extended gallery with additional images available for purchase. Atlanta_DITL_Family_0457PINIMAGE


Digital Images, Prints and Albums are available for purchase with any photo collection.

Packages are priced for the Atlanta area although I am available for travel as well.


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