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Life Journal: A Day in Our Life


“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. ”

         -Mary Jean Irion


The sun rose. Our alarm clock rang and signaled the day beginning.

With the morning came the sound of voices moving down the stairs and little boys ready for good morning snuggles

–ready for snuggles and breakfast, that is. Because food always comes first for boys.

Atlanta, sunrise, mornings, childrenPINIMAGE

Atlanta, breakfast, family photographerPINIMAGE

They hurried from the table happy for a little time of play before starting their chores and school work.

They built and flew airplanes, rode bulls (each other), tussled, laughed, and shouted.

Then the morning routine began, and they were off to dress, brush their teeth, and do a few chores.



School consumed the morning as we studied language, multiplication, practiced oral reading, and did a spelling exam.

In language Zachary has been practicing note taking, a skill not as naturally learned in homeschool. For the oral section

we watched a documentary on salmon and paused it whenever he needed to note a fact.

That most mornings include some school time on the couch with boys squished on either side of me

and often one crawling behind or on top of me, has become one of my favorite parts of homeschooling.

I love this stage we’re in when the boys are so affectionate and love to spend time together.

Most mornings we do kindergarten and preschool, too, just because

the little boys so love doing schoolwork and beg to work in their workbooks.

On this day I hadn’t given Ian assignments and he was so sad that there was, “No[s]ing (nothing) much to do.”

As soon as I suggested doing a lesson of reading he was as happy as could be.


Sandwiches have become a favorite lunch for the boys. I’m pretty sure the sandwich’s popularity has as much to do with the fact that

the boys can make them on their own as for the sandwiches tasting so good.  Zachary made a ham and cheese sandwich

while Ian made peanut butter and honey sandwiches for Paxton and himself.


After lunch the boys headed outside to play in the fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes they need

a nudge to head outdoors, but once they start playing they don’t want to come back inside.

I love to see them active and to hear about their imaginative play.

They always have great adventures and inventions to describe when they come inside.



Everyone loves storytime. Sometimes we read through chapter books, and other times the boys

each choose a book they would like me to read to them.


After naps and quiet time Zachary worked on school a little more then had some time to play.

Around four o’clock the boys checked their afternoon chore list and did some

straightening and cleaning. They are such a big help to me as they’re learning

to be responsible and dependable workers.


Steve came home from work making this one of the best parts of our day

because we were all together again.  He always lifts our spirits on days when we’re dragging.




Sometimes appliances break, and the laundry piles up while we wait for a replacement.

Laundry is patient, though, and will wait late if it needs to.

For now there was time for games and to use the day’s last bits of energy.



All too soon (for some of us) and just in time (for others of us) it was time for bed.

On this night the boys had a slumber party in the living room. Steve entertained them with stories

of which he has an endless supply. Then there were final hugs and kisses and

we said, “Good-night,” to three much-loved boys and to

another beautiful, ordinary day.


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  • Bethany - I love this. Extra-ordinary is so over-rated!! :)ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment! I love hearing from you.

      Right, Bethany, and sometimes it’s the quiet strength of every day that makes ordinary the extra-ordianry.

      Jo, that image is one of my favorites, too, for those details like the microwave door and the drawer that’s not closed and the fingerprints on the fridge, but mostly for his hair and determination. :)

      Shannon, I’m sure we will. Looking back at pictures from the boys’ baby days makes me appreciate how quickly we’ll forget even the parts that seem much to familiar to ever forget.

      I’m glad you are feeling inspired, Jessica. If you do your own DITL, link me up. I’d love to see it.

      Lois Ann, that’s definitely an advantage of shooting sessions in home. There are so many details in our homes that are a part of our lives, and I love creating photographs that will have lasting meaning.ReplyCancel

  • Jo Martin - Totally awesome. Love the shot of the fridge with the microwave door hanging open.ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - Oh I love this. I have never thought of documenting out entire day. So many little things that we’ll forget and wish for some day, I’m sure. :)ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I’ve been wanting to do this… you may have inspired me to actually get it done! I like the realness of it.ReplyCancel

  • Lois Ann Mast - Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing your family, even though I feel I don’t know you very well.. (I’m an old friend of your mother) but I love to also see a glimpse into people’s houses, looking at appliances, faucets, wallpaper, curtains, how rooms are arranged, etc. It’s great to see people’s styles come out. Loved this post. Thanks for allowing me to “visit”.ReplyCancel

  • Jenn - Awww. Your little boys are growing so much. I enjoyed this peek into your lives. Someday you’ll look back and be so glad you documented this.ReplyCancel

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